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Layout #2 for the Patch Indoor "O" Course is recommended for groups of up to 10 people.
Layout #2 includes:
8 Bases
6 Base Tops
4 Beams
2 Step-under Bar
1 Patch Exercise Manual
Patch Brochure
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(8) Bases
(6) Tops
(4) Beams
(2) Under Bars
(1) Manual
This is by far the most popular Patch course.
The extra three bases in this design gives you the widest variety of stations for the lowest cost.
With this package, you can have one beam at the high (36") position at all times.

Whether you own a personal training studio, health club, or are shopping for your family, this course gives you everything the $40,000 outdoor courses offer, right in your home or studio. Imagine, a bear crawl from the floor onto the Base—across the Beam and up onto the higher Base—then over the high Beam to a handstand dismount. Now that's a core-building, functional exercise!
For over 16 years, the outdoor Patch Obstacle Course has been the training ground for professional, elite and amateur athletes from around the world. This world famous workout and training program can now be used indoors with the Indoor Patch “O” Course.
Many layout combinations are possible
This layout would require 2 additional beams
Kids have a blast as they work out!
This shows 1 additional base

Cart for Patch "O" components

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