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Pain Resolution NOT Pain Management
When it hurts bad enough for long enough that YOU
are willing to do something about it - contact me.

Links to some methods I use

Patch® Fitness is Fun Functional Fitness

Patch Obstacle Course FOR SALE - contact me
The Patch video - kids having fun and getting fit.
Egoscue Foundation (explains the Patch Initiative and includes Patch video)
The Patch Fitness website (several videos)
The equipment included in "The Patch Initiative" grant
(I think this is accurate- VS)

The Patch brochure (pdf file - give it time to load)

I support the PATCH PROJECT INTIATIVE; a project to donate Patch®
"O Course" Fitness Equipment to schools throughout the U.S.
(especially Oklahoma) by The Egoscue Foundation.
ON SALE - limited quantity available at these prices - FREE SHIPPING
Massage Stuff!

Healing Ancient Wounds: The Renegade's Wisdom
John F. Barnes P.T.

Myofascial Release: The Search for Excellence--A Comprehensive Evaluatory and Treatment Approach
John F. Barnes P.T.
Waking the Tiger : Healing Trauma :The Innate Capacity to Transform Overwhelming Experiences
Peter A. Levine
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